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Hello there! I just recently started working at Magic Kingdom in the Emporium. :) I am living at my cousin's house temporarily, but will need to find an apartment and two (or so) roommates, preferably close to Disney World! If anyone knows of people who are looking for a roommate, I need to move out of here by mid October to early November. My tumblr account is disneyhappilyeverafters if anyone would like to message me with info. Thanks! :)
Disneyland, Then and Now


↳1. Favourite Lady : Jane Porter

"He was confused at first, as if he had never seen another human before. His eyes were intense… and focused, and… I’ve never seen eyes like those before."


From concept art, to final animation and to Disney Parks

Looking for active Disney blogs!


I just unfollowed so many inactive blogs, so reblog this is you’re an active Disney blog and I’ll check out your blog!

Check out the Monorail Workout from The Florida Men! 

Does anyone happen to know Zack (from Louisville, KY) who works at Big Thunder Mountain?
hey I need a roommate sept 19! my roommate and I both work for disney!
Hi! I went to Disney World on February, and it was more than perfect... I cry almost every day wanting to go back because it's the world of my dreams! My dream was to go to Disney, and now my dream is to go back! I would like to know if there are student exchanges from Argentina to Disney World. If there's not, well, I would wait to go back a million times! ♡♡♡
It's my absolute dream to work on Disney, and I've read a lot about the CP program, but it would be awesome to have a POV from someone who was actually in it :)
I actually may need a roommate for late august/early september. I'm still in the interview phase for a job at WDW, so it's really up in the air right now, but if anyone knows of anybody who's looking for roommates please let me know! that would be lovely!


I want the female CM shirt, shoes, the figure of a bride and groom where the man has no head, and the book ends. 

This is amazing! A tumblr for CM's?! My people! I'm Children's Activities at The Grand Floridian and the Polynesian!

That’s Awesome!

I’m CAC for DACO (DAK Lodge/Coronado)

- Crystal


When life was easy and you only had to worry about what came on next on Disney channel.


When life was easy and you only had to worry about what came on next on Disney channel.